Friday, January 31, 2020

OnPassive In Virtual Assistant Freelancer

Are you ready to delve deeper into the incredible opportunities that growing an online business has to offer? If so, I'm really excited to share this completely FREE Academy with you!

So, what’s different about this resource and community?

The Virtually Anywhere Academy is a unique resource where you can access an abundance of support dedicated to successful online business and lifestyle choices, which is for online service providers everywhere. It's been carefully crafted by online expert Michelle Dale and structured to best ensure your success. Here’s what's included:

✓ A Free Academy Basics Training Course with 6 blueprint videos and cheat sheets - so you can literally choose the best option for you - today!

✓ A Free Training Course on a completely unique online service model called 1nSourcing. This concept will blow your mind ;-)

✓ Invitations to all the Free classes hosted by Michelle, and they often include awesome industry experts too.
✓ An awesome community of like-minded virtual assistants and other online service providers.

✓ A FREE Academy PRO Sample Pack + a Free Trial in Academy PRO and exclusive discounts.

You can register for Academy Basics for free, right now! Click HERE

Still, wondering if you should join Michelle's Academy Basics?

It takes a few things to create and maintain an online business - the right mindset, the right strategy, and the right guidance.

Here's the challenge...

Following through on your best intentions to start or grow your VA business, or alter your lifestyle to a digital one isn't always easy. There are certain risks you will take, challenges along the way and fears to overcome. That is why so many people give up at the first hurdle. Reality check! You need more than a website and a few tweets or Facebook posts to form a long-lasting, sustainable online business. You need accountability. An incentive. Constant motivation. LOTS of support and ideally daily guidance too.

That's exactly what Michelle provides through her Academy...
Inside the Academy, she shares with you real-life insights into what it means to grow a 6-figure online business, and to commit to living a healthy balanced lifestyle along with it, and with her Facebook community all working towards better business and lifestyle, you're going to be surrounded by the right people to help you make your vision a reality.

You have absolutely nothing to lose, as this is all completely FREE!
So, are you ready to explore new territory? Are you ready to be challenged on how far you can take your role in the online world?

If you're up for improving on so many levels, sign up now to this free member area and join Michelle's incredible community! Read more...

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